Monday, June 20, 2005

Almost ready to go

I got my passport with visa for the Российкая Федерация today, so I should be set to go. With emphasis on should. Because apparently, the car we've been planning on using didn't pass EU controls today. We migh have to use my car, but before we do that, I need my front tires changed and alignment checked, most likely modified. Going to talk with the mechanic about this tomorrow morning, so that we can have my car as backup plan.

Housing for my cats are partially confirmed. That is, the first and last weeks have been confirmed, the middle week has yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, it won't be too traumatic for them to see three other homes during the three weeks I'm away.

My backpack has been washed, it is drying - time to start packing. Now, where did I put that check list?

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