Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tour schedule

Updated schedule:

June 25th - (Sat) Trip starts in the morning, ca 700 km to Kajaani, Finland. Midsummer night celebration.
June 26th - (Sun) Cross border to Russia, drive 660 km to Петрозаводск.
June 27th - (Mon) Spend full day in Петрозаводск.
June 28th - (Tue) Spend full day in Петрозаводск, possibly visit to TV station.
June 29th - (Wed) Drive 410 km to Санкт-Петербург.
June 30th - (Thu) Санкт-Петербург.
July 1st - (Fri) Санкт-Петербург.
July 2nd - (Sat) Cross border and drive for 372 km to Tallin.
July 3rd - (Sun) Spend full day in Tallin.
July 4th - (Mon) Cross border and drive for 312 km to Riga.
July 5th - (Tue) Spend full day in Riga.
July 6th - (Wed) Cross border and drive for 309 km to Klaipeda. Mindaugas Crowning Day in Lithuania.
July 7th - (Thu) Spend full day in Klaipeda.
July 8th - (Fri) Drive 319 km to Vilnius.
July 9th - (Sat) Spend full day in Vilnius.
July 10th - (Sun) Cross border and drive for 583 km to Gdansk, circumventing Калининград.
July 11th - (Mon) Spend full day in Gdansk
July 12th - (Tue) Gdansk. Get on ferry at 18:00.
July 13th - (Wed) Arrive in Nynäshamn at noon. Continue driving north.
July 14th - (Thu) ...and on to Narvik, 1421 km from Nynäshamn
July 15th - (Fri) 602 km back to Kautokeino via Alta.

Total distance covered: ca 5700 km
Total days spent: 22
Number of legs: 10

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