Saturday, June 25, 2005

Packing list

Updated packing list. (This post moves upwards as we update it and get ready to go.)

Stuff to pack
Camera, lenses, charger
Sleeping bag, flash light
Clothes for 1 week
Toothbrush etc
Business cards (might add 25 more)
Tent, tissues, water gun
Money, Passport w/visa
Maps, HI Handbook, HI membership card
Russian dictionary
Travel insurance card, Cell phone, Cell charger
Portable cooking gas burner, music, log book,
pen, pencil, tool box
green card
Pans for cooking

   Other preparations
Clean car, oil, radiator fluid
braking fluid, windshield cleaning fluid,
pack, visa for Russia, green card
travel insurance, new passport
relocate cats

Stuff to buy on the trip
Clothes for 2 weeks
Roller blades
CF reader
Local music
Tooth paste
Cat 5E cables
New tires for bike
New backpack that doesn't smell

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