Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, isn't that Murphy

The rules of Champagne

For those who recall my old web site, I have a set of rules and requirements that need to be met for me to consume any form of alcohol, and what to drink when. One of the rules is "A glass of Champagne at the spear ball or dome roof in Riga with Kristin." (Referring to a specific Kristin with whom I have this deal with.)

She travels to Latvia fairly frequently. So I sent her an SMS, asking if she'd be in Riga on July 4th-5th, which is when we're supposed to be there, according to our schedule. The reply came back, "I'm going to Latvia on monday, and leaving for home on the 3rd," and my first thought was IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!

That being said, her ferry to Nynäshamn is not until late in the evening on the 3rd, so if we're able to cut one day somewhere between Kajaani and Riga, we should be able to meet her in Riga. But will there be time to execute the drinking rule?

Cars and cars

I got me new tires, but the spare parts needed to pull up the slack was not possible to get until tuesday. I'm supposed to be in Petrozavodsk on tuesday, so that's a no go. We came to the conclusion, that the mechanic will be fixing the alignment with the new tires as reference, and we'll then just cross our fingers and hope it stays the right way for the entire trip.

Klemet's Citroën failed the EU test for the third time. The chances of it being ready by saturday morning are minimal. I'm preparing for using Gardmobile II for this trip, which was my plan in the first place (before learning that Klemet was planning on making the same trip).

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