Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fun statistics

Of the cities visited, which was my favourite? Now, there's a question I hear a lot. I thought perhaps the amount of photos I took in each city would speak for themselves. Of those cities where I have more than 100 photos, there are:

St Petersburg126263
Riga and Jurmala114257

The method is, however, a little unreliable. St Petersburg suffered from a flat battery. Riga and Jurmala could probably be divded in two, as they should be considered separate locations. And the number of days are inaccurate (we had a very late arrival in Petrozavodsk, so it's more like 1.25 days rather than 2, while Riga/Jurmala had a relatively early arrival and is therefore closer to 1.8 days. But Tallinn does, without a doubt, stand out from the rest.

And that's my exact sentiment as well. Tallinn was by far my favourite. The rest of the positions are a little inaccurate. (In danger of offending Latvians, Riga was actually at the bottom of this specific list. Albeit, in the FULL list, Malung would have to be at the bottom with its overgrown minigolf course, but the way it ended up at the bottom of the list is the same kind of stuff that makes bad movies good.)

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