Friday, July 08, 2005

Report from Gdansk

After a wonderful national day in Vilnius, I found my way to Gdansk, far ahead of schedule. One of the reasons for this, is that after Klemet was sent back to Norway, I can no longer divide hotel bills in two.

In Gdansk, I stay for free with a friend, until I room on a ferry to Sweden. The exact schedule, and whether I detour through Sunnmøre, will be decided when I know which ferry I'll be on, how much time I have left, and what visitors I might receive back home in Guovdageaidnu. ;)

I have taken over 900 photos during thw two weeks I've been away. I have written extensive notes, it just takes time to write more verbose about it. It will eventually all be here, though. (Another reason to just go straigh home and start writing, while it all is still fresh. :)

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