Saturday, July 16, 2005

Updated map and schedule

This is the map and schedule as how things actually went. Red dots are places where we spent significan time. Green dots are longer stops on the road lasting an hour or two.

25th - Drive to Kajani, Finland
26th - Drive to Petrozavodsk, Russia. Late arrival.
27th - Full day in Petrozavodsk
28th - Drive to St Petersburg, via Novaya Ladoga
29th - Full day in St Petersburg
30th - Drive to Tallinn, Estonia

1st - Full day in Tallinn. Klemet hurts back in Coca Cola chair accident.
2nd - Another full day in Tallinn
3rd - Drive to Riga, Latvia - stay at camping site in Jurmala
4th - Full day in Riga - stay at motel on "the wrong side of the river"
5th - Klemet aborts trip, flies back to Norway. I go on to Vilnius, Lithuania
6th - Full day in Vilnius
7th - Drive to Gdansk, Poland via Kaunas, Lithuania
8th - Full day in Gdansk
9th - Full day in Gdansk
10th - Get on ferry to Nynäshamn
11th - Drive from Nynäshamn, Sweden to Malungfors
12th - Full day in Malungfors
13th - Full day in Malungfors
14th - Drive to Skellefteå via Umeå
15th - Drive to Kautokeino, Norway


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