Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm home!

I finally came home from my three week road trip, almost in one piece. Well, actually, not just almost, I'm still in one piece, though there is at least one dent.

This occured in Muonio. I had decided to get dinner there, instead of cooking when I came home. After a satisfying meal, I turned the wheel and backed up. The pole must have been just in the wrong angle, because I didn't see it when I started backing up. As I kept looking backwards, I also didn't notice it rushing in from the side before I heard the crackling noise of crumbling metal. Doh!

At closer inspection, I'm happy to say that I saw more than just red paint on that pole. Also, the damage is only superficial. Should be corrected in no time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gard,great pages on kautokeino..but no mention on how to get there......

Jussi Makkonen said...

This is exactly what happened to me once as I was backing up on a parking lot. To my utter amazement I managed to avoid the crush because my driver's side tire hit the lam post square.